Philco 49-1401 – THE BOOMERANG Radio and Record Player

Philco model 49-1401 radio/phonograph. Produced in 1949, and played 10- and 12-in. 78-rpm records automatically. One of Philco's last 78-rpm-only record players, the model 49-1401 became known as the "Boomerang" by collectors due to the Boomerang-shaped speaker section. Besides the unique shape, it was also one of the first front-loading automatic record players. Just flip down the front door, slide your favorite 10- or 12-in. 78-rpm record in the front like today's CD players. The record started playing automatically. – SOLD


Edison Standard Phonograph, Model A – Circa 1903


Edison Standard Phonograph, Model A. Circa 1903. This phonograph will play both 2 Minute and 4 Minute Cylinder Records. Comes with a Model C Reproducer. Machine is 100% original in great condition with a nice brite bedplate and original horn – SOLD



Edison Concert Phonograph – Circa 1899


Early Edison Concert Phonograph.  Serial #C5430.  Last patent date May 31, 1898.  The original shellac finish on the oak case is mint.  Original parts throughout, the only replacement part was the small wooden knob on the front drawer.  Nickeled parts have Excellent finish.  The gold pinstriping and detail are very intact with some minor loss.  The black bedplate is like new.  The 5" mandrel is original.  The crank is original, the early square hole type.  There is an original shaver attached.  The reproducer is an original automatic reproducer.  The case lid  measures 16 1/2" x 11 3/4" x 17"tall.  It is in Excellent Condition except for one area along the edge which has some veneer missing. Also included with this machine is the following: Chip Brush; Oil Can; Early Standard Recorder which needs minor repair; "TIZ-IT" horn connector; 30" Brass Horn; Horn Floor Crane; One Concert Cylinder, it is a Columbia Concert Cylinder in an Edison Box. Title: "Coming Thru The Rye", Played by Wm. Tucson, Clarinet Solo, #3403?. Condition is Very Good to Excellent with surface noise and a few small mold spots. – SOLD


Victor Monarch Phonograph, Circa 1902

monarch 3monarch 2monarch 1

Victor Monarch Phonograph, Ridgid Arm, Very Nice Condition. Circa 1902. This model is very rare and also highly desirable to the phonograph collector. – SOLD


Outstanding Antique Stained Glass Window – Circa 1890s

antique stained glass

Outstanding Antique Victorian Stained Glass Window. This window has it all, Center Shield, Swags of Garland, Ribbons and Seven Jewels.Excellent Condition with only a couple small cracks. This window has been professionally restored. Overall size of in the Original Window Sash: 34 1/4" W x 35 1/2" H – SOLD


RCA Victor Cathedral Radio – Model 121. Circa 1933

rca radio model 121

RCA Victor Cathedral Radio, Model 121. Circa 1933. Very nice condition with Original Grill Cloth. One knob does not look original, it appears to be a vintage replacement. This radio works and is being sold "as is" – SOLD


Edison Standard – Model B

edison standard 1 edison standard 2

Edison Standard Model "B". Excellent Condition. Circa 1903. Produced in 1903 this 2 minute phonograph will play 2 minute cylinder records. This machine is 100% original with a nice bedplate and reproduction horn. – SOLD


Edison Red Banner Home – Model A

edison red banner 1edison red banner 2

Edison Home Model "A", Very Rare Red Banner. Excellent Condition. Circa 1901. The red banner on the case is very rare as Edison used these banners in inventory that were formerly used on Suitcase Homes from the late 1890's. These machines are highly sought after by collectors due to the very limited number produced. This macine is 100% original and comes with a nice original horn – SOLD


Victor Victrola VV-IXA, Circa 1914

victrola9 Serial #371313. All Original in Very Nice Condition Maghogany Case. Comes with Victrola #2 Reproducer. 12" Turntable with Original Felt. This piece comes with its Original Custom Base Cabinet – SOLD


Victor Victrola VV-VI, Circa 1916.


Serial #247880F. All Origial in Excellent Condition.Exhibition Reproducer gaskets and back flange have been recently replaced. Nice Oak Case. 12" Turntable with Replacement Felt. Working SOLD

Nice Antique Oak Record Cabinet sold separately.
Dimensions: 33" H x 16" W x 19" D. SOLD


Motorola Red Plastic Table Radio, Model 5T22 – 1958

redradio1 Vintage Motorola Red Plastic Table Radio, Model 5T22. Circa 1958. Very Good Condition with some light scratches to the top and four deep scratches to the top. There is some roughness to the right side plastic near the dial. There are no chips or cracks. Working Condition, stations come in loud and clear – SOLD


Wonderful Primitive Garden Rack


Wonderful Primitive Plant Display Rack. Perfect garden accent for your fence, barn or garage. Nice weathered boards with rusted finish to the iron rack.
Dimensions: 50 3/4" W x 18 1/4" H –


Classic 1960s Mod Dining Set – Walter of Wabash


Classic 1960s Mod Dining/Kitchen Set by Walter of Wabash. This set consists of one leaf (17 1/2") and four chairs. Solid construction. The table diameter is 41" long, with the leaf 51 1/2" long. The chairs are metal with padded backs and padded seats, All Original in Excellent Condition – SOLD


Beautiful Tiger Oak Dresser


Beautiful Tiger Oak Dresser, Circa 1900.Original Mirror in Excellent Condition – SOLD

41 1/2" Wide
20 3/4" Deep
37" High (74" Total Height with Mirror)


Early 1900s Oak Princess Dresser


Early 1900s Oak Princess Dresser. All Original Excellent except for replacement wheels. Mirror is in Excellent Condition. – SOLD


1920s Floor Lamp w/Fringe Shade

floorlamp This 1920s floor lamp has an original walnut wood base, a newer powder blue cloth shade with peach color fringe and rose color tassels. Overall height is 60" and the shade is 18" at its widest point. Has two new pull chain sockets and has been rewired. A beautifully feminine piece! – SOLD


1920s Boudoir Lamp w/Slag Glass Shade

slaglamp This 1920s boudoir lamp has a sharply cast metal shade frame, heavy cast metal base, stem & harp. Original ivory color paint is very intact except for few chips. The slag glass panels are blue with white swirls. They are all original and in excellent condition with no cracks or chips. The lamp stands 16" tall and is 10 1/2" at the widest point. The base measures 6" in diameter. The original push socket has been rewired. – SOLD


Philco Radio Model 511 w/211 Speaker

philco511a "Spanish Brown" Philco Radio Model 511 with matching Model 211 Loudspeaker. The chasis is marked Model 551, Serial #024145. The chasis.does not appear to have been replaced. Excellent Condition with some minor surface chips to the painted finish. The paint finish is very good with no dents to the surface.The interior is very clean with no rust, the set is being sold with no tubes. This is the way It came from the estate I purchased it from. This set appears to be all original with the original cloth to the speaker. This set is being sold as is, I do not know if the radio or speaker work. This set would be a great addition to any antique radio collection – SOLD


Emerson Radio – Model DM331

emersonradio1 Emerson Radio – Model DM331, AM/Shortwave. Circa 1939/1940. Wooden Case is in Excellent Condition, with some minor wear to the finish. Restored to Working Condition – SOLD


Victor Victrola VV-VI, Type M. Circa 1911

VV-VIVV-VIa Victor Victrola VV-VI, Type M. Circa 1911.
Serial #14374. All Original in Excellent Condition. Exhibition Reproducer Serial #227367A. Exhibition Reproducer gaskets and back flange have been recently replaced but will need new balance springs. Nice Oak Case. 10" Turntable with the Original Felt that shows some wear and a few small moth holes. Early Style Brake. Flat Crank Shank. Working – SOLD


Wafer Chrome Wall Clock


Vintage Ingraham Sentinel Wafer Chrome Wall Clock – Works
Space Age Retro Design –


Edison 2 & 4 Minute Standard Phonograph


Edison Standard Model D,  2 & 4 Minute Combination Phonograph. This machine is completely original and has been cosmetically cleaned and mechanically overhauled to assure many decades of future use. While being exceptionally nice to look at this phonograph can be played and enjoyed while being a great antique investment. This machine is offered with older reproduction horn and a 4 minute H reproducer. – SOLD